Mario and Luigi Dog Costumes (and Bowser too!)

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would start putting together a list of the top dog costumes for your favorite pooch. If you have two similar dogs, I really like the idea of making Mario and Luigi dog costumes for them to wear.

If you have ever seen any around the web on sites like Pinterest, I’m sure you’ll agree that they are just the cutest things!

If you’re not familiar with the cast of Nintendo’s top video game franchise, let me introduce you to them:

nintendo characters


picture of two dogs


mario and luigi dog costumes

Aren’t they just the cutest? If you have just little bit of craft skills in your body, you can make these costumes on your own. What you will need:

  • Navy blue fleece for the overalls
  • Red and Green fleece for the shirts
  • White circle for the the patch on the hats

And that’s it! One of the nice parts of doing it yourself is that you can fit the costumes dimensions perfectly with your puppy.

Don’t want to go the DIY route? There are sometimes sellers on Etsy as we get closer to Halloween, so if you would like to support someone that has a passion for crafting dog costumes then that is the place.

Prefer to go with something more…commercial? Amazon has a couple high quality options to choose from, and since they are already made and in their warehouse, you can receive your Mario and Luigi puppy costume in as little as 2 days with Amazon Prime. Just make sure to order by October 28 so you can make sure to have it in time for October 31, 2017!

Bowser Dog Costume

Maybe your dog is not the type to be the hero, then what should you consider? How about the arch nemesis in Nintendo’s classic games: Bowser!

You have GOT to see how incredible this guy’s dog looks, dressed up in the Bowser dog costume:

Granted, that would take a LOT more work to put together, but there’s a good chance that your little boy will be the only one at the dog park rocking that outfit!

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