Buddy Smart Collar Review

Wearable technology has never been better. From the being able to measure our vital signs, fitness levels, and planning every aspect of our days, there isn’t an aspect of modern life that cannot be made that bit easier with the help of wearable technologies.

From smartwatches to fitness trackers, there is no shortage of incredible wearable devices available for people. But what about man’s best friend? Dog-owners are never shy about how much they care for their four-legged friends, so it makes sense that some would be more than happy to invest in wearable technology that can benefit their pooch.

Well, now that is very much a possibility with the fantastic Buddy.

What is the Buddy Smart Collar exactly?

The Buddy is a piece of wearable technology for dogs, with many viewing it as the first-ever ‘smart collar’. This essentially means Buddy is connected smart device that provides various forms of live data, while also coming with a range of cool features – much like any other smart device.

This smart dog collar couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fit the Buddy around your pet’s neck, register their details on the smartphone app, and then let the fun begin. It tracks all kinds of data while also offering cool features like a local community of other users, offering daily reminders and alerts, and even illuminating them with an LED light.

buddy smart collar

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While many smart devices can be deemed as flashy and unnecessary, the Buddy is anything but. An exciting, innovative piece of technology, the wearable collar offers endless benefits for dog-owners that want to ensure their pet is healthy and happy.

In fact, the Buddy could certainly revolutionise how we care for our pets, greatly improving our ability to monitor what a dog needs daily.

Buddy Smart Collar Features

This thing has a treasure trove worth of awesome features, all of which can help monitor and track your dog. From tracking them directly with GPS to checking their caloric intake, there’s not aspect of your dog’s life left unchecked with the Buddy.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features:

LED Lights

At a quick glance the inclusion of LED lights with various settings seems rather flashy, yet this is one Buddy feature that is designed to save dog lives. How? By simply illuminating the animal so they are better seen in the dark.

Millions of dogs are injured or killed due to road accidents, many of which occur due to poor visibility from driving at darker periods of the day. Even when walking on a leash and in full sight of the owner, there is always the possibility of a driver not seeing the dog in time to stop.

That isn’t the case with the Buddy. Thanks to powerful LED lighting around the edge of the collar, visibility for your pet is greatly enhanced – and it looks very cool at the same time! Better still, there are range of color settings available, allowing you to create the desired effect through your smartphone.


The inclusion of a GPS on the Buddy makes complete sense, as dog trackers have become an increasingly popular way to keep track of your dog in the event of an emergency.
Buddy provides quick and easy access to a live time GPS tracker, so you can see where your pooch is any time he has the collar on by checking your phone. By using advanced technology, the tracking works in virtually every location whether a densely packed urban area or a remote rural location.

Activity Monitoring

Wearable technology has allowed us to easily keep track of our daily activities, from the amount of exercise we do to any work-related tasks to be completed. The Buddy allows a similar level of data to be gained on the daily activities of your dog!

For instance, Buddy can track all your dog’s health statistics for the day, such as how many calories they’ve consumed, their current weight, and how much exercise they have done – or need to do.

This gives you a great deal of invaluable data about your dog’s current health. Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the buddy determines distance travelled, total steps taken, floors climbed; it allows Buddy to act as your dog’s very own Fitbit!

Because of this, you exactly how much daily exercise they need, which can be compared to caloric intake data to see whether they are reaching these goals, helping to keep them in the best shape possible.

Temperature Sensor

Overheating can be deadly for a dog, and owners often have little indication there is a problem until after they dog begins to feel the effects. This is no longer a problem for Buddy owners, as the collar features a temperature sensor that indicates precisely when your dog is getting to warm or too cold.

So, whether you live in cold, warm, or moderate climates, the Buddy gives you prior warning about your dog’s temperature any time something is off.

Do ever worry about your dog straying too far as soon as you take their eyes of them? This can often be an issue when your pet gets let off their leash at the dog, which is understandable given their excitement, but it still makes for a nervous owner.

You don’t need to worry about such a problem with the Buddy, which can create a custom safe zone any time you’re outside and want to know exactly where they are. By creating a virtual boundary, the Buddy instantly notifies you as soon as your dog steps out of the designated area, allowing you to know the instant they stray too far.

As all their movements are tracked, you can use the Buddy to find your dog’s location as soon as possible by using the onscreen instructions, with live data showing you how close you are to finding them.

Thoughts on Other Buddy Smart Collar Reviews

Simply put, the Buddy is an amazing device that we cannot recommend enough for dog-owners. While not the cheapest piece of hardware, the ability to track so many different aspects about your dog is invaluable, and we haven’t seen anything like it before.

The Buddy is likely the first of many wearable collars to be released in the coming years, but there is no better time than the present to jump on the bandwagon. It’s fun, exciting, and most importantly it can help you make your dog’s life even better!

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