Best Books About Dogs

reading dog booksWith summer starting to come to a close, I know I’m not the only one that has burned through their reading list.

So while out at Barnes & Noble looking for something new, I was surprised at how large the collection of best selling books about dogs has become.

Not wanting to spend some of my hard-earned money on a B- or C+ purchase, I decided to do some research and find out what are the best dog books of all time and try and make my way through them.

I read several growing up that I really liked, so make sure to check out the children’s books too and don’t let your child miss out before they grow older.

Books About Dogs: Fiction

A Dog’s Purpose – By far the most recommended book on this list, this title was made into a major motion picture earlier this year. Here’s the 2 minute trailer that will give you a good idea what the story is about:

As you can see, it’s an interesting take on the genre. The book (and it’s sequel) focus on a dog that lives numerous lives, and has plenty of charming and funny scenes that make up this expertly written novel.

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Another novel told from a dog’s perspective, this one centers on a lab mix named Enzo who tries to learn everything he can about humans in preparation to become one in his next life. This leads him to follow his owner’s passion for race cars, and how it relates to life. This one is also slated to become a movie, and for my fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans..Patrick Dempsey has been cast in the lead role!

Here’s some of the comments that people left on the video:

“This is my all time favorite book EVER.”

“I scooped my dog into my arms and wept openly after reading this book. It was so amazing it I couldn’t do anything else.”

“This book goes to the top of my list as my all time favorite. I couldn’t put it down. I laughed and I cried. It takes a great author to bring out those emotions in a reader. I look forward to reading it again and again.”

Call of the Wild – heartwarming story of a dog named Buck during the late 1800’s gold rush in Alaska. This is considered one of famed novelist Jack London’s most well-known tales.

Although it was published over a century ago, I think it is absolutely timeless. It was first published in serialized form, then collected into a short novel, and now you can get it in 10 seconds on your Kindle. How amazing is that?

Angelo’s Journey by Leland Dirks – An absolute hidden gem, you probably won’t find this one in bookstores any time soon. It is self-published on the Amazon store and isn’t in the fanciest packaging around. However, take a chance on this 100 pager and you will discover an incredibly unique story of Angelo the Border Collie who ventures off for a month and runs into some trouble. At such a low cost, this is easily the best bang for your buck.

My Dog Skip by Willie Morris – memoir that tells the story of growing up in small-town Mississippi with a Fox Terrier named Skip. If you’re looking for a Mark Twain style story of adventure then give this one a read.

Non-Fiction Dog Books

Marley & Me – Labs are popular dogs because you know exactly what to expect in terms of temperament and behavior. Not so when it comes to this novel of a couple that moved to Florida and adopted one named Marley. Follow along as they make attempts at dog obedience training and learn a little about life along the way. If you liked the movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, then you’ll definitely enjoy reading this too.

Following Atticus – take one look at the cover of this book and you’ll know right away that this isn’t your typical dog novel. With his winter dog boots strapped on and smile on his face, Atticus is ready for action, and in this one action is climbing New Hampshire’s White Mountains – yep I told you this one is different!

The Man Who Talks to Dogs: The Story of Randy Grim and His Fight to Save America’s Abandoned Dogs

Cesar’s Way – learn about your pup and the reasons for its behavior through this one by the ultimate dog expert Cesar Millan.

The Other End of the Leash – when you’re done with Cesar’s Way you can jump to the the other end of the spectrum as noted dog trainer Dr. Patricia McConnell writes about the fascinating behavior of HUMANS in relation to their pets.

Travels With Charley – American literary icon and Nobel Prize in Literature recipient John Steinbeck gives us this story of traveling around the USA with his poodle Charley. Excellent!

The Genius of Dogs – discusses the incredible social intelligence of canines unlike any other animal and presents it with in-depth research.

Children Books About Dogs

White Fang – Just. Read. It 😉

Where the Red Fern Grows – story about a young boy that hunts raccoons, along with his two dogs.

Shiloh – this book was turned into not just one movie, but three movies when it debuted in the 90’s. Most students are assigned this book to read in the 4th grade, so if you’re child’s teacher didn’t then make sure they don’t miss out on this great story.

Because of Winn-Dixie – published almost 17 years ago and immediately became an instant classic, this winner of a Newbery Honor features a 10 year old that finds a dog in a supermarket and decides to keep it. These stores are all over Florida so if you bring your family to live or vacation here, then consider adding this whimsical tale to your child’s reading list.

Big Red books by Jim Kjelgaard – this prolific author has written over forty titles, with the Big Red stories among his most popular. If your child is entering his or her teenage years and hasn’t read one, tell them to put down the iPad and open up an actual book (Kjelgaard wasn’t listed in the Kindle store when I checked).

Shadow by Michael Murpurgo – if you like hearing of bravery in canines then this one by the author of War Horse will certainly deliver the goods. This one was recommended to me by a ton of friends so I’ll probably be doing a full review of it soon.

Any Other Popular Dog Books to Read?

Do you recommend any books about dogs that I missed? I’m always looking for something new so please let me know in the comments!

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