Here’s the story of the Very Important Canine Keyword – thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the site!

Once upon a time there was a boy.
He loved to play with dogs.
But he had not a single dog chew toy.
He searched in logs and in bogs.
Filled with hope and joy.
He even talked to a couple of frogs.
But found nothing his dogs would enjoy.

The boy began to feel dark despair.
He felt like this was not close to fair.
It made him want to pull out his hair.
What could he do?
His dogs were getting frustrated too.
Because they wanted to play.
To have fun with a dog chew toy every day.
It was a search that made the boy feel quite blue.

Together, they just sat home all-day long.
The rain began to drizzle outside.
The boy didn’t know how long he could stay strong.
Listening to his dogs as they heavily sighed.
There had to be a way to rectify this wrong.
Something that would bring his dogs pride.
A chance for them to howl a sweet melody song.
Instead of flopping down to lie around on their side.

Then the boy had an idea that was grand.
It would definitely change everything.
An idea that would change the whole of the land.
And much joy it would definitely bring.
Instead of searching for a dog toy, you see.
He would make a dog chew toy that could last for an eternity.

Or at least for a couple of months.

His dogs liked to play with a nice bone.
And find sticks to grab behind a big stone.
The dogs loved to play fetch and the yard they would roam.
Many ideas flooded the boy’s thinking dome.

What happened to this boy of legend?
Was it all just a simple story?
Something that someone once imagined?
To perhaps bring themselves personal glory?

What we do know is that there are many great dog chew toys.
That bring our canine friends days of endless chewing joys.
Many are priced at a point that is fair.
So, children and their dogs can have fun everywhere.
No more searching in bogs or logs.
No more talking to strange bullfrogs.
Just pick the right dog chew toy and then go have some fun.
Because if there’s one thing a dog likes to do,
It is to go for a long run.